IWD 2020: Each For Equal

Happy women’s history month, boss ladies and gentlemen! A couple of days back the women in leadership society of the company I work for hosted the international women’s day seminar. They invited a panel of women from new hires to executives to share their experiences and word of advice with the rest of us. Now this was my first time at such an event and you know what, I felt great. When these women started sharing their stories, I couldn’t help but notice one thing in common- “the constant need of proving their worth”.

Personally I am truly blessed with some amazing men in my life and some of them are the people I know at work. But not every woman is fortunate to have a support system. Humans are social animals and we depend a lot on trust and support of our people. Now what happens when we remove this support factor from work? Awkwardness, anxiety, demotivation, and over all substantial decrease in the happiness level as we spend over 40 hours of our lives every week in the office, in the end affecting the overall performance at work. How do I know this? Experience!

Interestingly, men are not the only one doubting potential of female employees, we women are no different! It is the fact that women are generally promoted on the basis of past achievements whereas men are promoted based on their potential. Another proof of women’s struggle of proving their worth. But girls you know what? If you believe in something, if you find something that you are passionate about, you have to advocate for it.

I am going to share a few takeaways from the event with you boss babes-

👠Thoughts are very powerful- We face enough challenges and negativity on a daily basis so be kind towards yourself. You deserve it.

👠Don’t be afraid of shifts- There are going to be situations which might put you in a completely different direction, be it an unplanned pregnancy or a new responsibility at work. Remember that you can do it.

👠Find mentors- And once you do, be direct and honest about your goals.

👠Ask for help. Speak up. Don’t take a guilt trip for speaking your mind!

Sometimes you have to put yourself out there, sometimes you have to ask for what you deserve, sometimes you have to deal with uncomfortable conversations, and sometimes you just have to fight for what you believe in. And don’t worry about how people perceive you, it’s totally not worth it. Be the boss babe that you are and go get it girl!🍹 #titsup

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