Quarantine Day 14

A couple of weeks back the company I work for decided to embrace remote working and asked us to work from home to avoid health risk. Today it’s been 14 days and I am going c-r-a-z-y! Just kidding. To be completely honest with you all, the introvert in me is subtly happy with this change in routine. After a long time I am getting some quality time with my thoughts, I have enough time to get my work and chores done and I am still left with a decent amount of time to spend on myself.

I know it is not easy to stay locked in, and it is even harder when you are forced to do so (especially by the government!). But let’s take a moment here to appreciate the time that we have gotten. Remember all those times when we wished we had some more time? Well, there you go. This is an opportunity to do everything that you ever wanted to do by staying at home. You are basically an adult who is grounded. So why not embrace it by doing whatever the heck you planned on doing but never got a chance? Doesn’t even need to be productive. Get your 8 hours sleep, cook fresh-eat fresh, get creative in the kitchen, catch up with your friends and family virtually, get to know your partner better, play board games, start a blog, brush up/learn a new skill or just Netflix and chill! Or just count the number of times I used the word “time” throughout this article…pff!

It is heartbreaking how the world is going down with COVID-19. I died a little inside when I heard how Italy doesn’t have enough space to bury their dead. Today US tested more than 100k virus affected people. It is a sad sad time for humanity and it feels more depressing when you are facing it alone…stuck alone without a friend, family or a companion. But let’s not forget that we are in this together, mentally and spiritually if not physically. It is challenging to workout or go for a walk when you have such limited access to the outside world, but meditation, yoga or stretching can be your buddies. 10 minutes of daily meditation session can help calm your nerves. I found this beautiful meditation music on the internet today and there are many more to choose from according to your taste.

I remember the very first time I meditated, I was 14 and had no clue how shavasana worked, I legit fell asleep. My guru sat next to me and clapped his hands loudly. I woke up like a deer in the headlights thinking what the heck happened and the next thing I knew all the kids in my camp were laughing their heads off. Well, jokes on you suckers I got an extra hour of sleep that day paa-haa! Jokes apart, meditation has some great benefits and I am just relaying my experience. Whenever I have meditated I have felt calmer, happier, focused and more confident. But despite such benefits my lazy ass still discontinued this habit. May be I will get in touch with it again, may be I will document my journey, who knows? At least I have the time to consider it and so do you! Here are some beginner’s meditation videos that I found on YouTube.

You are probably bored sitting home and watching the same Netflix shows on repeat, but on the brighter side I can actually hear birds chirping outside my window everyday for an unbelievably long time, I heard that people spotted peacocks roaming on streets in Madrid and dolphins near Marine Drive, Mumbai. Lowered pollution and significant improvement in air quality in number of places. How beautiful is that? Imagine how cool it would be to spot a peacock while heading to work? Might raise a risk of getting into accidents more often but eh what’s one broken arm and a dented trunk for one good Instagram post huh? Just kidding!

It’s almost 1 AM and I am getting real sleepy so before I call it a day, here are the famous do the 5 to help stop coronavirus-

👩🏻‍⚕️ Hands – Wash them often

👩🏻‍⚕️ Elbow – Cough into it

👩🏻‍⚕️ Face – Don’t touch it

👩🏻‍⚕️ Space – Keep safe distance

👩🏻‍⚕️ Home – Stay if you can

Find more information about COVID-19 here and stay current with the daily COVID-19 positive count here.

Hope you enjoyed the read! Follow me on wordpress and instagram @codejammies for updates on my posts.


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