STEM Up: Florence Simon

Meet Florence, an engineer turned into professor. After experiencing a fair share of struggles herself, Florence has set an example that you can achieve anything if you are determined enough. Let’s get to know her better!

1.What’s your story?

I developed keen interest in engineering from a very early age, so as soon as I got into senior high I took classes for computer science, only to realize I was actually interested in electronics! This is how I knew I wanted to become an electronics engineer. It was my dream to be a professor so I decided to do masters in the same. While pursuing masters I got an opportunity to become a teaching assistant. This helped me get some insight and teaching experience. But just when I thought everything was falling into place, I lost my sweet mother. I was mourning over her loss, juggling personal responsibilities and work to get a full-time teaching position at my university. It was one heck of a year but I thrived and became Assistant Professor at the same university. Now I get to do what I love everyday, teach.😊

2. How would you explain your STEM field?

Electronics is one of the core engineering fields and it has been there since forever. It gives you an opportunity to understand the most important component or you can say, the heart of any device- processor. This field has a wide spectrum of topics like digital signalling, image processing, computer architecture and networks to name a few. If circuits and breadboards interests you, I think Electronics is waiting for you.

3. What are some really cool things people in your profession work on?

I am an engineer, but teaching has become my main profession. It is very satisfying to pass on the knowledge and help students become better engineers. Other than mentoring students, one of the cool things that we work on is research and data analysis of student’s progress. It helps us understand each student better and implement different techniques for achieving better results. It is interesting how every student is unique and needs a different approach.

4. What does being a woman in STEM means to you?

I am aware of the gender discrimination in our field, but nothing is going to stop a woman with strong will to reach the heights she wants to. Being in STEM brings me immense joy and satisfaction and I would like to encourage women not only in STEM but any field to do anything that brings them happiness.

5. What keeps you going?

I love sharing knowledge and I am lucky I get to do it every single day. I enjoy spending time with my students, teach them, learn from them. It’s like I am living my dream. I also believe in staying up to date with new technologies so currently I am learning about data science and machine learning.

6. What message would you like to give to our young readers?

We are smart enough to make good choices for ourselves but not every person is lucky enough to get proper support or backing. Being a professor, I see a lot of young girls inclined towards STEM. I would still like to encourage more girls/women to take STEM and make their mark in this field. There is so much to do and so little of us. We need more women in STEM, so join us and help explore more. This field has so much to offer!

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