30 Seconds Read: BGP Part 2

Every routing protocol has a method to determine the best possible path for packet transfer, and BGP is no different. BGP takes 10 factors into consideration before determining the best path. Let’s have a look! 👓⁣🌟Weight- Selects the route with the highest weight⁣⁣🌟Local Preference- Selects the route with the highest preference⁣⁣🌟Locally Originated- Has the local…

30 Seconds Read: Linux Commands For Firewall

With over a gazillion linux commands (+alternate commands) for firewall out there, I am listing a handful of my favorites. Hope they come in handy in times of need-⁣ ☕️ Install firewall-⁣ yum install firewalld⁣ ⁣ ☕️ Enable/ Disable/ Restart/ Check status-⁣ 1. Enable firewall-⁣ systemctl enable firewalld⁣ 2. Disable firewall-⁣ systemctl disable firewalld⁣ 3….