Signs You Are Dealing With A Micromanager


✨You are being asked to provide frequent updates.

✨Even the simplest decision is questioned by the manager.

✨You feel being controlled most of the times.

✨You are losing confidence.

✨You are always worrying about how the manager will react.


✨Gain the micromanager’s trust- Prove that you are capable of handling things on your own.

✨Document everything you do- I learned this from my mentor and it has personally helped me.

✨Meet deadlines.

✨Keep the micromanager in loop in case of any changes. It is important to anticipate a situation and provide updates upfront at least in the beginning to help them with the whole trust process.

✨Ask for feedback from the manager about your performance.

✨Communicate how you feel- Usually micromanagers are not aware that they are micromanaging. People try to improve efficiency but end up becoming controlling. There is a thin line between being detail-oriented and obsessive, and unfortunately employees are the ones realizing it first. Let the manager know how this is in fact affecting your efficiency and mental health in your next 1:1.


✨Learn to trust- Each employee has a different way of working. If a person doesn’t work the way you do, it doesn’t mean they are incompetent.

✨Focus on the end result- Instead of interrupting the process, give your employees a chance to perform tasks according to them. If the end result doesn’t satisfy you, you can suggest a different approach. But give people a chance.

✨Let go- We all have and will make mistakes at work, and in fact it is one of the best ways to learn. While judging an employee take both achievements and mistakes into consideration instead of just focusing on the mistakes. Try not to label employees as incompetent just on the basis of a few mistakes.

✨Communicate your basic expectations from the employees and ask them to work towards meeting them.

✨Ask for feedback from the employees on your leadership.

✨Try to revisit your non-managerial days.

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