30 Seconds Read: Health Awareness For Techies

With growing use of phones and laptops, all tech users need to be aware of these 3 health conditions and be mindful of bodily sensations and best practices.

Disclaimer- Do not rely on the symptoms and remedies mentioned in this article. Please visit your doctor to get a better understanding of your situation!!

1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Numb or tingly feeling in the hand, wrist, or forearm caused due to a pinched nerve in the wrist. This condition can be easily prevented but interestingly around 3 mil people in the US experience this every year.⁣

Symptoms: Pain in hand/wrist/arm, pins and needle sensation, weakness in hand.

Home Remedies: Gentle massage in the pain area, taking period breaks, recommended wrist and finger stretches.

Getty image
Getty Image

2. Smart Phone Pinky

You are more likely to use the pinky finger to hold the weight of your smartphone. An average person spends about 5-7 hours browsing on phone, causing the pinky to bend and become slimmer than the other one.⁣

Symptoms: Stiffness and pain in the pinky finger, cramps on holding the phone for an elongated period, slimmer appearance, clicking sound, numbness.

Home Remedies: Avoid using the pinky finger to balance the cellphone device, apply ice pack or heat pad when in pain.

Getty Image

3. Tech/Text Neck

Head forward, shoulders rounded and back slumped. If I just defined your “normal” posture, you might be on your way to experiencing tech neck!⁣

Symptoms: Stiff neck, pain through shoulder to arm, headaches, muscular pain, soreness in neck/arm/shoulder, backpain.

Home Remedies: Regular neck movement, mindful of neck and back posture, massage, ice packs.

Getty Image

These conditions are common, painful, yet could be easily prevented by making subtle changes to your postures, neck positions, and introducing stretches and ergonomic tools like ergo mice, chairs, laptop stands, mousepads, etc. into your lifestyle. ⁣

Speaking of unhealthy habits, I hold my phone too close to my face and use the pinky finger to balance its weight. And I’m starting to notice how my right pinky looks slimmer than the left one. What about you?

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