30 Seconds Read: 5 Steps To Take When Your Email Gets On The Dark Web!


The internet has 3 layers to it- the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web.⁣

The surface web is where the interests of most users lie and are accessible to everyone. This layer is what you use regularly to surf information, access social media or emails. But surface web only comprises 4% of the internet body. So where’s the rest at?⁣

The deep web, as the name suggests is below the surface and stores data that is hidden from our conventional internet. It holds more personal information, the type of information that requires user credentials and is not available openly to everybody, such as personal email accounts, social media accounts, bank accounts, academic reports, databases, medical and legal documents to give you a gist.⁣

And the layer you’ve been waiting for, the dark web. As the name suggests, it can get pretty dark so better to stay away. Both deep and dark web pages are not indexed and therefore are not accessible through regular search engines like google. This part of the web contains harmless as well as harmful content. Hackers may steal your personal information and sell it to people on the dark web. So what to do when something like this happens to you? If you find your emails or passwords on this layer of the internet, here are a few things you could do to limit the harm-⁣

🛡Step up your password game- use a strong password and change it frequently.⁣

🛡If the email address found on the dark web is associated with confidential accounts or bank accounts, alert the appropriate people and change email ids.⁣

🛡Avoid using public or unsecured wifi.⁣

🛡Use 2-factor authentication.⁣

🛡Stay away from unsecured websites. Do not open links in emails that are not TLS encrypted.⁣

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