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Hola! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sally, and I am a motivated engineer with 3 YOE. I am passionate about troubleshooting problems and spreading awareness about diversity in STEM. I also feel strongly for women pushing the limits to succeed in their careers, so I initiated an interview series called “STEM Up” to encourage more women in STEM. Other than that, I express myself through art and baking.

A little about my background-

Masters in Network Engineering, and now working in a great tech company.


Linux, Web Tech, Networking, Cloud, Hardware Debugging, Technical Writing.

What to expect here-

On this blog, you will find tech interviews, networking concepts, reviews, and my personal experiences, baking, and just life stuff. If you like what I do, like and subscribe to my blog, and feel free to share your thoughts through the comments and help me get better.

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STEM Up is an interview series where our sisters in STEM openly share their stories about studying and working in different STEM fields. With this platform, we are trying to encourage more women to be a part of STEM. If you think your story can make a difference, feel free to reach out!

30 Seconds Read

I know it’s not easy to find time to read long posts, so in your busy life, find a minute to read something interesting! I write about tech, productivity, mental health, baking, and life in general.

Full length Articles

I write full length technical articles on requests! Drop me an email or DM to request your next article.

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